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Empowering Workplace Safety: Navigating Noise Risk in Hospital Environment

Mahirah Husin

9 Aug 2023

Our recent Noise Risk pre-assessment has illuminated essential knowledge on safeguarding hospital employees against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

On 31 July 2023, the ACTS-NRA team conducted a Noise Risk Pre-assessment at KPJ Sentosa KL Specialist Hospital with the support of Ms Aini Hasunah, Safety Executive.

Regulation: 🏥📚

Under the OSH Noise Exposure Regulations 2019, a pivotal guideline mandates that all organisations and businesses, including hospitals, conduct Noise Monitoring.

Unveiling the Essence: 📊🔍

Our pre-assessment cast light on some eye-opening revelations. Hospital employees (e.g., doctors, nurses, security officers, etc.) are dedicated to extended shifts and face potential exposure to ear-piercing sounds from ambulance sirens, medical equipment alarms, hospital utensil sterilisation machinery and HVAC systems. These often overlooked auditory challenges pose significant noise hazards that could affect employees’ mental health and productivity. 

A Pledge to Community Well-being 🤝🌍

ACTS remains steadfast in championing matters on Environmental Noise Health. As a testament to our dedication, we're thrilled to offer insight and support through this pre-assessment and within the broader context of noise awareness.

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More information on Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) and Boundary Noise Monitoring (BNM):

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