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ANCHOR II: Anthropometric Database for ASEAN Children & Adult 

Development of an anthropometric database covering three ASEAN countries to represent ASEAN's adults and children population for ASEAN NCAP

ASEAN NCAP currently using Hybrid III 50th percentile male (HIII-50M), and Q1.5 & Q3 dummies, as adults and children surrogates in their impact crash testing. Similar dummies (6 and 10 years old) are also used for CRS installation assessment procedure. The Hybrid III and P-series dummy family are designed in 1970s using anthropometry dimensions of US and Europe population size. The physical characteristics of human body composition may have significant variation (particularly in height and weight) – genetics, ethnicity, diet intake and lifestyle. This raises concern on accuracy of the vehicle assessment as it may affect the predicted injury outcome as well as the design of vehicle restraint system and child seats.

This project aims to develop an anthropometric database covering at least three ASEAN countries (i.e., Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand) to represent ASEAN’s adults and children population (aged 6 and 10 years old). This study is significant to ASEAN NCAP as the champion of vehicle safety in ASEAN region. The developed database would help ASEAN NCAP in developing their own simplified 3D-printed manikin for utilisation in relevant assessment procedure. It may also add another dimension in the human anthropometric study in ASEAN. Also, relevant stakeholders may want to consider the findings when developing new products in the future.



Development of Anthropometric Database for ASEAN NCAP: A Case Study of Malaysian Children Aged 6 Years Old (2020)

Anthropometric Data of ASEAN Adults and Children for ASEAN NCAP (2020) Handbook Published - ISBN 978-983-40842-0-2 Link to publication



AR2019007049 - 3D Model Sitting Position for Malaysian Children Anthropometry LY2019007050 - Anthropometry Survey Form

LY2019007048 - Anthropometry Database for Malaysian Children LY2020001819 - Anthropometry Database for Malaysian Adult Male LY2020001822 - Anthropometry Database for Malaysian Adult Female LY2020001818 - Anthropometry Database for ASEAN Children Aged 6 Years Old LY2020001820 - Anthropometry Database for ASEAN Children Aged 10 Years Old LY2020001821 - Anthropometry Database for ASEAN Adult Male LY2020001817 - Anthropometry Database for ASEAN Adult Female


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