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Elevator Monitoring System (EMOS)

A real-time monitoring system that provides data of the elevator activity.

Elevators are a potential source of serious injuries and death to the general public and to workers installing, repairing and maintaining them. Based on statistics, elevators cause almost 90% of the deaths and 60% of serious injuries. According to the cases reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Department from 2012 to 2018, elevator and escalator accidents occur due to poor maintenance, wrongful use and vandalism.

​Based on the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH), the elevators need to be inspected for maintenance every 15 months. The elevator moves every time the passengers use it. During the movement of the elevator, there will be a slight vibration in the car elevator compared to when it is in a static condition. Based on the mileage, one can determine if the elevator is overused and if maintenance is needed before the scheduled maintenance occurs. However, not every elevator has the same mileage based on its usage. ​Therefore, to improve and enhance the condition of the elevator, a device for Elevator Monitoring System (EMOS) is needed to monitor the usage of the elevator.



The Real-time Elevator Monitoring system (R-EMOS) is a system that wirelessly provides data of the elevator activity in the cloud through a network that operates algorithms and analyses data.
The movement and altitude of the elevator are determined by using an accelerometer and an altimeter sensor. The sensor will send the elevator activity to a cloud-based system, and the system will process the data so the user or technical team can monitor the elevator's condition remotely. Therefore, the elevator can be classified as less or most frequently used, consequently reducing the elevator's maintenance cost.

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