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Real-Time Wireless Structural Dynamic Monitoring System (REDiM)

A real-time wireless monitoring system for Structural Dynamic Assessment of offshore platform.

Ageing offshore platforms must be analysed to ensure that they are still safe to use. Existing technology only allows the monitoring process to be conducted periodically and the data cannot be accessed instantly which causes delay in data analysis. The current equipment is large and heavy, thus the need for several people to handle it. This, and the fact that the equipment is expensive, contribute to the high cost of the monitoring process. Furthermore, the instrument is weather dependent as it is powered by solar panels. The data collection process might be interrupted during bad weather conditions. With REDiM, the monitoring process can be conducted either continuously or periodically, depending on the client’s needs. Real-time data monitoring can be conducted anytime, anywhere without worrying about data loss as it is weather independent. In addition, REDiM is cost-effective as it is affordable and requires minimal maintenance.

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