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Structural Health Monitoring Using Artificial Intelligence (SHM-AI)

Research study on structural identification using Artificial Intelligence 3D Mapping technology

3D mapping technology brings a lot of benefits including providing the latest technical methods for visualization and gathering information. Knowledge visualization and science mapping become easier when a 3D map is available for the object or area under study. 3D map provides a realistic view that can be utilized by the construction sector. Structure identification is important to determine the health of the structure. ​

The existing technology can be applied to all kinds of industries such as civil infrastructure, aircraft structure, land structure and machinery. If any damage occurs to the structure, the localization and quantification of the structure will be done only if repair costs are low compared to manufacturing costs. Hence, research on 3D mapping and structure identification is needed in order to design the methodology of conceptual solution of structural identification using artificial intelligence 3D mapping. ​

The purpose of this research is to identify existing technology in artificial intelligence for 3D mapping and review the technology in structure identification.

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